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T9N is an English-Portuguese translation and interpretation service provider.

T9N, formerly Necco Enterprises Inc., has been part of the translation industry since 1995. Through agencies we have translated all kinds of technical documents—Automotive and Engine Manuals, Marketing Material, Human Resource Brochures, Medical and Pharmaceutical, etc.—for small and large corporations. We have also worked in several localization projects for different software houses. Our clients are located throughout Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, and the USA. Additionally, we have translated materials for several government departments and international organizations, and interpreted in many international conferences and events.

What does T9N mean?
In the software industry, the process to adapt the program to different countries and cultures includes what they call GILT, where G stands for Globalization (G11N), I stands for Internationalization (I18N), L for Localization (L10N), and T for Translation (T9N). The number corresponds to the number of letters between the first and last letter of the corresponding word.

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We are Brazilian Portuguese native speakers and full-time professional translators.

Isabella Laterman-Covre has been working as a translator and interpreter since 1992. She has previous experience as a language instructor in the corporate environment. Isabella is a VCC Certified Health Interpreter, an ATA Certified (English>Portuguese) translator, a Certified Member (English to Portuguese) of the Society of Translators and Interpreters of BC (STIBC) and a Conference Interpreter accredited with the Government of Canada. Additionaly, Isabella is a NAATI (Australia) Portuguese>English certified translator. Isabella is currently splitting her time between Canada and Australia.

Nelson Laterman has been working in the field since 1995. He has previous experience in International Business and Senior Management in the private sector. Nelson is an ATA Certified (English to Portuguese) Translator, and a Certified member of ABRATES (Brazilian Translators' and Interpreters' Association). During his residence in Canada, Nelson was a Certified Member of STIBC and an Accredited Court Interpreter with the Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia. Nelson is currently located in São Paulo, Brazil, helping clients in business meetings, and auditing and plant visits, training sessions, etc.

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Specializing in the following fields:

Computer Software/Hardware:
Help Files | Installation and Upgrade Manuals | Games | Localization (dll and exe files) | Manuals—Hardcopy and On-line | Resource Files | Webpages

Medical & Pharmaceutical:
Medical Equipment | Drug Studies | Protocols | Consent Forms | Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Business & Corporate Docs:
Accounting | Banking | Brand Name Assessment | Finance—Funds, Stocks, Options, etc. | Human Resources-Benefits, Ethics, etc. | Marketing | Sales Brochures | Security and Safety Procedures

Technical Documents:
Manuals, Reference Guides, etc. | Heavy Equipment | Engines, Turbines, Tractors | Switchgears | Electronic/Telecommunications | Remote Sensing, Satellites | Automotive

General Topics:
Menus (Cruises, Restaurants) | Travel & Tourism | Toys | Fashion | Music & Entertainment

Legal and Private Documents:
Contracts | Warranties | Court Interpreting | Adoption Papers | ID Cards | Birth Certificates

Conference | Consecutive | Escort
International Organizations | Business Meetings | Training | Audits
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T9N Language Services

US Phone: +1-786-440-8188
Australian Phone: +61-450-478-513

contact AT t9n DOT com

NOTE: We most probably are in a different time zone. When calling, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.